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July Updates

July will be full and fruitful! I am scheduled to speak 29 different times. Please pray for strength and my family, they will be with me on a few of these trips. 

We will be praying that your July will also be fruitful and full of powerful God moments. And please reply to this email with any prayer requests so we can be praying and believing with you.

THANK YOU for being a part of what God is doing around the world through BEMOVED! We truly cannot do this without your help. 

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We are so grateful for opportunities were all three of us can travel and do ministry as a family. This is a picture right after I got of the stage from speaking my second service on Sunday morning in Seattle. I’m sure Aria is thinking “Dad you are the best.”

June Review

In June we got to speak in Seattle, Arizona, Richmond and Cincinnati. It was amazing to watch God do what he does. We witnessed many make decisions for Christ, get set free and many verified healings. 
     In Arizona alone we took a survey and saw:
66 decisions for Christ 
78 baptized in the Holy Spirit
39 physically healed 
72 emotionally healed 
31 relationally healed 
43 heard God‘s direction for their life
     Seattle was an extra special trip because I got to go with my family and minister at The Image Church. This was the church I was ordained into ministry and served as the youth Pastor, I was there for 6 years.
     Fathers day was also a Special family time we got to spend at our home church. Nothing like being a father, especially to our baby girl. 

I got to speak for the first time at a Christian music festival. It was an awesome experience at 2 festivals on 3 nights in Richmond, VA and Cincinnati, OH. 

July Calendar

1st – Jacksonville, FL (3 church services)
2nd-6th – Jacksonville, FL (Bible School)
     10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm daily
8th – Sacramento, CA (Sunday service)
9th-13th – Sacramento, CA (Bible School)
18th-20 – Portland, OR (youth camp)
21st-22nd – Seattle, WA (youth camp)
22nd – Seattle, WA (Sunday service)
25th –
 Try-Cities, WA (youth conference)
26th – Try-Cities, WA (Bible School)
29th – Spokane, WA (Sunday Service)
30th-3rd – Southern California, (YWAM Bible School)

A few testimonies & highlights

Meet Monica,
She had a 6th lumbar in back, it caused issues & curving. Sprained her back years ago & again in December with a herniated disc. Was out for a month in physical therapy & active care. 
Came to camp with pain & lots of pressure. 
BUT… after prayer she felt a release of pressure & pain! Then the next morning it felt weird & she realized she “had a BRAND NEW back, it was STRAIGHT & hips were aligned!”

I got to experience Noah’s Ark. 
Wile speaking in Cincinnati, I was able to visit my cousins and they took me to Kentucky where this life sized replica of the original Ark was build to biblical scale. It was bind blowing.

This guy (sadly I forgot his name) came with a dislocated knee. Doctors said he can’t move it for 8 weeks, but after only one week, we prayed and all the pain left & full movement was restored, no more brace needed!

Meet Bill, he said to me that he was very skeptical with supernatural healing. BUT… while he was sitting in the church service, he heard a pop in his foot after I called out a word of knowledge for pain in the right foot. He was instantly healed and in disbelief. He said he never wants to doubt the power of God again!

Praise Reports

  • Our family is healthy and motivated!
  • We are getting many ministry invitations that we have to turn some away.
  • Aria had her first swimming lessons, and is still alive haha
  • We are thankful for the new doors God is opening.
  • We are thankful to all who donated to BE MOVED. Every donation dollar & prayer is helping us reach the world!

Prayer Requests

  • Protection for our very full summer of ministry dates & busy travel schedule.
  • Protection over our family as we are wrapping up a full summer of ministry.
  • We need a second car.
  • We are looking for a media savvy helper.
  • New connections, contacts and open doors.
  • Pray if God will have you become a monthly MOVE Partner.

A passion of Ester and I and part of BEMOVED is to see children around the world who live in extreme poverty be set free!
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You can also text BEMOVED to the number 77977 to give a gift today!

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Thank you for believing in our work, Ester and I love you very much!

Meesh, Ester & Aria Fomenko
5515 Canoga Ave #315
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

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