December Newsletter
“Merry Christmas”

We love the holiday season because it’s full of family, friends and food…and I love to eat! We Pray that this season brings you supernatural Joy and true deep love in relationships. And thank you for being a part of what God is doing around the world through BE MOVED!

Also its a great time to parter with us & receive your year-end tax deductions

Partner & Receive Year-End Tax Deduction

November was busy and fun!

First about our family, 
Ester and I got to celebrate our two year anniversary in Germany. We had 3 free days between ministry to explore the beautiful city of Breman & Berlin. We loved visiting different historical areas and spending time together. This was Ester’s First time away from Aria (she even teared up our first night away from missing her). But Aria is the best baby and loved her time with grandma. She also learned how to walk as a 9 month old, and now at 10 months old she has 12 teeth! Growing up so quick.

Upcoming December Schedule

1st – Curitiba, Brazil (Leadership Training)
2nd – Curitiba, Brazil (Unique Conference)
3rd – Curitiba, Brazil (Shalon Church, speaking at 2 Campuses)
29th – 31st Spokane, WA (Youth Camp)

It was incredible to be a part of what God was doing in Germany and Vancouver, Washington in November. Got to minister in 4 cities in Germany before coming back to minister in the US. 

Now about BEMOVED,
       It was a great Honor to speak a couple sessions at the conference in Breman, Germany. With 1,500 people this is the largest conference in northern German. I spoke alongside some very big name from around the world. Ministering in Germany is very different from most parts of the world because people are very intellectual and process mostly with their minds. Also being a spiritually dry country it was a fun challenge that I absolutely loved. God came in such a supernatutal way that most of the Germans were amazed. Many people gave their life to Jesus and then pray for the sick and many received healing. From Broken bones, shoulder and leg injures people were healed! I have been receiving many testimonies of awesome healing from the conference. 
       We also went to Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart. Every city that we ministered people were saved and healed! At a worship night in Stuttgart area, we saw 600 youth show up and pack out a 300 person room. It was so full that there was standing room only. In that service I got to lead Franz to Jesus who was a Krishna follower. Franz came to the Sunday morning service the next day, was sitting in the from row and worshipping with his hands lifted. 
       I have fallen in love with Germany and know that God will continue to use me there. I feel God has given me a special grace to be able to see this spiritually cold country come to Jesus. Many of the pastors there were confirming that I carry something very unique for this country and the people are responding very well.

This girl fell off a horse at 12 years old. This accident hurt her spine and caused pain in her back daily for the last 10 years. After we prayed she was healed and wanted to share the story with me, so she found out where I was preaching next and came to that next city to testify!

This is Franz, he’s believed in Krishna. I got to pray with him inviting Jesus into his life! He came back Sunday morning and was in the front row with his hands raised worshipping Jesus! He was moved with joy & love. The beginning of something amazing for him.

Praise Reports

  • We are seeing more people becoming partners of BE MOVED. Every donation dollar & prayer is helping us reach the world!
  • Ester & I got to celebrate our 2 year anniversary together in Germany, we had 3 days off between ministry times
  • God is opening up new doors in Germany to love on these beautiful people
  • Aria is starting to sleep through the night, with only 1 wake up in the middle of the night

Prayer Requests

  • We need to buy a new Macbook Pro for BEMOVED, both of ours are from 2009 and are constantly failing
  • We are looking for a media intern
  • Upcoming trips.
  • Pray if God will have you become a monthly MOVE Partner.

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Thank you for believing in our work, Ester and I love you very much!

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