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Nov ’18

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is the position of Faith! In Philippians 4:6 it says,

“do not be anxious about anything, but in everything
by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let
your requests be made known to God.”

Thanksgiving releases answers. When we come to God with any need, we can be thankful because we have His promises. Every promise will be fulfilled when we believe it, then we can receive it. 
let us be thankful for all He has done in our life and all that he has promised for our life. 

THANK YOU for being a part of what God is doing around the world through BEMOVED! We truly cannot do this without your help. 

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In Armenia we saw God move in such an awesome way. I spoke at the largest evangelical church in the country. They have up to 8,000 people in attendance on an average weekend and hundreds of  daughter churches all over the country. Many were saved, healed and set free.

Trip was successful!

Thank you to all who gave to make this trip possible. We received all the finances needed to make this trip impactful and fruitful. You have sown into great soil and already there is a big harvest coming from this trip to Armenia and Ukraine. 
God in moving in a unique way in both of these countries. The Gospel is spreading and people are receiving git with hunger.

In Ukraine I ministered in 2 cities, preached 10 times in 5 days. We saw unusual miracles and a generation of youth released to influence their cities with the authority of Christ. 


2nd – Sacramento, CA (service)
3rd – Sacramento, CA (service)
4th – Sacramento, CA (service)
16th – Boston, MA (conference)
17th – Boston, MA (conference)
18th – Boston, MA (service)

A few testimonies & highlights

Doctor Confirmed healing: This is before & after brain scan of Katia. She had a brain aneurysm which caused numbness, loss of sight, dizziness… first brain scan chart shows brain problem. After we prayed she received her healing and went back to the doctor for another scan. The second scan proves everything is completely restored. Doctors were amazed & thought the scan was of a different brain. They took the diagnosis OFF her & she has not had another symptom!

3.5 years ago this lady was diagnosed with schizophrenia, was suicidal and on heavy medication. We prayed for her freedom & mental healing. She believed it, and on her own decided to stop taking medication and wash mind with the word of God & what He told her about who she was. Daily she noticed big improvements, after 3 months she went in for her regular checkup… doctors were shocked at her healing. They confirmed her healthy & took the diagnosis off her. She came back to tell me 3.5 years later she is perfectly healthy!

In Armenia, this woman had a tumor on her neck that disappeared completely after we prayed. It was the size of a large grape. She said she felt a warmth and it was gone

In Ukraine, this girl is testifying of her healing. For many years she had been sick with bronchitis and this year she got pneumonia. After the service she came to me (Meesh) and asked for a personal prayed for her sickness, but had a lot of doubt. I looked at her and knew that she was already healed. I said there is nothing left to pray for, but go to the doctor and get checked out and they will verify the healing. She did and was confirmed completely healed.

Praise Reports

  • With your generous giving we collected all the money needed for our ministry trip to Ukraine and Armenia.
  • Ester had her first beauty masterclass and it was a huge success.
  • We finished paying off our 2013 Toyota Prius this month.
  • We are thankful to all who donated to BE MOVED. Every donation dollar & prayer is so important in helping us reach the world!

Prayer Requests

  • We need $550 more in monthly reoccurring giving to do what we need to as a ministry and family.
  • We are in need of a second car.
  • Divine connections, contacts and open doors.
  • Divine connections, contacts and open doors.
  • Pray if God will have you become a monthly MOVE Partner.

A passion of Meesh, Ester and BEMOVED is to see children around the world who live in extreme poverty set free!
Join us and pick your child to start a relationship with.

Release a child from poverty here! (Compassion International)

You can also text BEMOVED to the number 77977 to give a gift today!

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Thank you for believing in our work, Ester and I love you very much!

Meesh, Ester & Aria Fomenko
5515 Canoga Ave #315
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

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