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Our Mandate: Reach, Raise & Release

April Update

We finished off the first third of the year strong. Meesh has already preached 64 sessions this year and traveled to 25 cities. Ester is now over 6 months pregnant. And in a couple weeks we are launching our first season of clothing (100% of proceeds will go to the ministry).

In April Meesh traveled to three cities in Portugal (Lisbon, Algarve & Porto) and preached 8 times. As he landed at the airport in Lisbon, he felt the spiritual climate of the country had changed since his last trip there a few years ago. This country is 2% evangelical christian, but when you arrive there you can understand that those statistics will begin to change quickly. Everywhere we ministered we experiences such a high level of the presence of God and miracles. We can see that revival is on the verge of sweeping through this amazing country.

In May, Meesh will be ministering around the US and then in June will be in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. later this year he will also be in Guatemala, Russia, England, Netherlands, Malaysia, Ukraine again and more.

God is opening up many doors for BEMOVED to minister that we are now having to turn down more invitations than accepting. The places we are ministering are where we believe we are supposed to be. And you have the opportunity to sow into these trips and be a part of the REACHING, RAISING & RELEASING. We are changing the world and love that you are with us!

THANK YOU for being a part of what God is doing around the world through BEMOVED! We truly cannot do this without your help.

Overlooking Lisbon, Portugal. A country we love dearly.

Travel Schedule

2nd – Algarve, Portugal (service)
3rd – Lisbon, Portugal (leaders/pastors)
5-6th – Porto, Portugal (youth conf)
7th – Lisbon, Portugal (2 different church services)
12-14th – Sacramento, CA (church conf)
3-5th – Atlanta, GA (youth conf)
17-19th – Alaska (youth conf)
23-25th – Los Angeles, CA
7-9th – Kassel, Germany (church conf)
10-12th – Zurich, Switzerland (pastors network)
13-16th – Vienna, Austria (conference)
18-21st – Sacramento, CA (bible school)
22 – Sheldon, IA (youth conf)
5-6th – Seattle, WA (youth conf)
8-11th – Jacksonville, FL (bible school)
12th – No more travel till after baby ?
25th – BABY #2 COMING (expected date)
6th – Tacoma, WA (conference)
9th – Muskegon, MI (festival)
12-13th – Bellevue, WA (youth camp)
15-18 – Guatemala City, Guatemala
29-31th – Novosibirsk, Russia

Eugenia was healed of Blood disease at a conference in Porto, Portugal. After the conference she reported that she went to get her monthly phlebotomy blood tests and to doctors amazement the levels were perfectly normal for the first time in several months.
This is Joaquim from Portugal who is testifying of his doctor confirmed healing! He was scheduled for hernia surgery, but it got reschedule for a few days later so he was able to attend the conference. Meesh Prayed and Joaquim went in for surgery but after checking the doctor said he did not need it. They wrote a confirmation document that he had no hernia!


Meesh and Ester

One of the sessions at a youth

Praise Reports

  • Ester is 6th month of a healthy pregnancy.
  • Meesh & Ester were blessed with 5 night trip to Maui to rest and refresh.
  • We are launching our merch/clothing line this month.
  • We are so thankful to all who donated to BEMOVED. Every donation dollar & prayer is so important in helping us reach the world!

Prayer Requests

  • BIGGEST PRAYER: That we would walk in the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus.
  • A oneness/unity in Christ, our marriage and family.
  • Healthy baby and Ester throughout pregnancy.
  • Upcoming schedule and travels.
  • Pray if God will have you become a monthly MOVE Partner and help us touch the world.
A passion of Meesh, Ester and BEMOVED is to see children around the world who live in extreme poverty set free!
Join us and pick your child to start a relationship with.
You can also text BEMOVED to the number 77977 to give a gift today!

Thank you for believing in our work, Ester and I love you very much!

Meesh, Ester & Aria Fomenko
5515 Canoga Ave #319
Woodland Hills, CA 91367