Lives are being changed. People are being healed. Destinies are being fulfilled. My mission is to obey the call of God on my life and release others to do the same. This is the essence of who I am. My life call is to preach and release people to an encounter with God.

With the launch of our new initiative – BEMOVED – we want to REACH people around the world with the message of Jesus. We want to RAISE believers to understand their identity and begin to operate in authority. We want to RELEASE influencers to shape and transform culture.

Most people today are living with no passion or vision for life and they don’t know how to move or where to go. They are stuck in their career, spiritual life, and personal life. We invite you to join us in this journey in launching BEMOVED – releasing you to action.


Meesh Fomenko was born in Kishinev, Moldova and is the third of seven children. He was born into poverty and severe Communist persecution. Memories of his family being oppressed for being Christian, flood his heritage…

What I About People

The more people you know, the broader you begin to think. I feel life when I am around people. I love to see people’s potential maximized. I love to identify the gifts inside of them. I love that every person has so much to offer, and I like to find what that is – because it’s so unique.

What Inspires Me

I’m a simple guy, nobody special, but I do believe the call of God on my life to see the miraculous, to see lives transformed, to see destinies shifted, and to see personal testimonies. I’ve been in so many diverse situations – from large conferences to slums – yet it still excites me every time I meet someone who has so much unique potential.

Why I to Travel

I like traveling because it’s an opportunity to meet and impact more people. I really enjoy seeing cultures and other ways of life, as well as eating unique local foods. Besides the 32 U.S. states I’ve been to, I’ve also traveled to 35 different countries on 4 different continents.

2003 – 2007

The City Church, WA

Led and discipled college-aged students through the youth ministry that grew from 500 to 1400 in weekly attendance.

2007 – 2013

The Image Church, WA

Helped pioneer a church plant in Lynwood, WA where I served as the youth pastor, and also helped other churches develop youth ministries.

2013 – Present

The City Church Ventura, CA

Invited to launch my itinerant ministry from The City Church Ventura. Now traveling by invitation to speak at conferences, church, camps, schools, and other events.

“Your actions don’t define you, they only show how you view yourself.”

— Meesh Fomenko —

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

— Nelson Mandela —

“I get to live the dream, see lives transformed, bodies healed, and destinies fulfilled.”

— Meesh Fomenko —

“You can have as much of God as you want.”

— Jude Fouquier —

“You do the ridiculous and God will do the miraculous.”

— Meesh Fomenko —

“God will choose the tested over the talented.”

— Meesh Fomenko —

“Meesh has impeccable integrity and a warm charisma that is demonstrated in every area of his life. He inspires greatness in everyone he comes in contact with and is a very strong leader of his peers and those above him.”

Pastor Jude Fouquier

The City Church Ventura, CA

“Meesh has impeccable integrity and a warm charisma that is demonstrated in every area of his life. He inspires greatness in everyone he comes in contact with and is a very strong leader of his peers and those above him. I have witnessed Meesh consistently handled every situation presented to him with wisdom and grace.”

Pastor John Petrus

The Image Church, WA

“Meesh has a passion to see people encounter the reality & power of Jesus. His calling of an Evangelist is evident, his joy is contagious & faith to move the mountains is nothing short of God’s gift.”

Randy Strombeck

Director, Koinonia Ministries

“I have known Meesh Fomenko for three years now. In that time I have spent considerable time with him personally and in ministry gatherings. I have traveled to minister to his youth group and church in Seattle when he was there. He has also traveled with me several times in our ministry in the USA and Ukraine.”

Lee Grady

Editor, Charisma Magazine

“Meesh Fomenko offers a rare combination: He brings a powerful word from God and he delivers it in love and grace. I’ve been so blessed to watch his ministry grow. I believe Meesh is an outstanding young leader in today’s church and I strongly recommend him for your church or event. Lives are changed by the power of the Holy Spirit when he ministers.”

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