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May Updates

May is a perfect month for us to slow down a bit, reflect on the first quarter of our year and get ready for a very busy June – August summer season for BE MOVED. 

So we decided to slow down the ministry travels and spend more time praying, fasting and being with family as we feel God is in the process of stretching us and getting us ready for MORE.

Thank you for being a part of what God is doing around the world through BEMOVED! We truly cannot do this without your help. 

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We got to go on a family 4-day cruise, thanks to my awesome in-laws. Aria loved it and became friends with everyone on the boat. I loved the all-inclusive food option, being the foodie I am, I got to try some fun food like alligator, snails and frog legs (loved it all)!

Look back at April

Family trip, Portland & Ukraine

Siting and writing this update from the beautiful Country of Georgia. Located in the center of Eurasia. And thinking back as I get ready to minister here, I am so happy about all that happened in April.

From domestic youth conference to international youth conference, a family cruise and an online webinar leadership training sandwiched in between. I would say it was a great month for BE MOVED!

I got to be part of a youth conference in Vancouver, WA. With 3,000 in attendance, we watched God encounter so many people, witnessing salvations and healing! And I got to present ‘Compassion International’ and an opportunity to sponsor children living in extreme poverty, we got over 130 children sponsored! (If you want to join there is a link at the bottom)

May Calendar

4th – Tbilisi, Georgia (Church Services)
5th – Tbilisi, Georgia (2 Youth Gatherings)
6th – Tbilisi, Georgia (Sunday Church Service)

Here are a few testimonies & highlights

This is Brandon, during a casual conversation at our youth gathering he got interested about the Holy Spirit. I briefly explained, we prayed, he was baptized & began to speak in tongues for the first time.
THE NEXT DAY… we prayed for his pulled ligament in his knee and we was healed!

This is Alex, he was battling with stage three lymphoma cancer for a while. Doctors gave him a few weeks to live. We prayed and God completely healed him. The doctors have confirmed his full healing and cannot understand it at all!, he even said its as if he has brand new organs!

Speaking at iSHIFT Conference, an annual youth conference in Kiev, Ukraine that attracts several hundred youth and thousands watch live-stream from many different nations. 

It was such an honor to spend time with the Lead Pastors (in the middle) of Skeemans Church in Kyiv, Ukraine & hosts of ISHIFT Conference and Pastor How Tan (On the right), Lead Pastor of Heart of God Church in Singapore. 

Praise Reports

  • After flight delays, cancellations and rerouting I was able to get to the Ukraine youth conference just in time for my first session. This was
  • We got to spend quality family time on our 4-day family Cruise.
  • We are thankful to all who donated to BE MOVED. Every donation dollar & prayer is helping us reach the world!

Prayer Requests

  • We are spending extra time in prayer & fasting for BE MOVED in May because we feel God is taking us deeper and wider.
  • We need to buy a new Macbook Pro for BE MOVED. Both of ours from 2009 are failing.
  • We need a second car.
  • We are looking for a media intern.
  • Upcoming trips.
  • Pray if God will have you become a monthly MOVE Partner.

A passion of Ester and I and part of BEMOVED is to see children around the world who live in extreme poverty be set free!
Partner together with us and pick your own child to support.

Sponsor a child in poverty here! (Compassion International)

You can also text BEMOVED to the number 77977 to give a gift today!

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Thank you for believing in our work, Ester and I love you very much!

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